Queer Fam

Happy Family Day, and a shout out to all of the folks hanging with their non-normative families today. I see you.

I’m lucky enough to have a family that accepts all of me, but I know some queer babes who pulled the short straw on that front. Luckily family doesn’t have to mean people-who-birthed-you-and-raised-you-and-changed-your-diapers. It doesn’t have to mean people-you-have-twopointfive-kids with.

It means people who love who you are and support who you want to be and call that mean guy on the bus a jerk and make you feel better about that embarrassing thing you did and don’t get mad if you fart on them while you’re cuddling. So, cheers to the queer families today, and best of luck to everyone still looking for theirs.

But let’s be real, everyone’s using today to sleep in and watch How I Met Your Mother on netflix.