Rape and beyond

I've been thinking of the young woman who was raped by half a dozen at a rave last week.

I don't imagine she'd be reading this in the near future, but I wish I could tell her it will be alot better someday.

Much as Dan Savage and his guy have done to offer hope to bullied LGBT youth, there needs to be a youtube channel for survivors of rape. It gets better, as in hope is not unreasonable.

Find a place to scream your lungs out when you need to hear your voice! Find women who kick ass and make you laugh. 

A girl I grew up with was gang raped by a best friends' boyfriend and guy pals before being thrown 5 stories down an elevator shaft. She's now married to an amazing, adoring and dare I say hawt man with two great kids which is what she'd always wanted.

Another friend similarly treated by guys is now a stand-up comic, also with a sweet guy; her dream life she be living! 

Where's the Harvey Milk of PTSD set? "Give 'em hope."