Red Flags

When you meet somebody new, you start to consider some sort of relationship. You might want to become friends with this person, maybe you'll start crushing on them or immediately want to sleep with them. You might even hate their guts on the spot.

I've been reading up on some "red flags". Things we are meant to be looking out for when we meet this new person. Some of them are strange. Like avoiding people who eat ketchup with their eggs. Or people who are attached to their pet if their pet is not a dog or a cat. I don't like ketchup in general but I did cry a little when my praying mantis died.

A big one for me is when someone is unnecessarily rude to a waitress/waiter. Immediate asshole.

Loud sighs and angry hums. When someone passively mumbles under their breath every time they are disappointed, have to wait in a line up, feels impatient. To me this also screams asshole.

Someone answering their cell phone in the movie theater and actually having a conversation. I know you're whispering, but we can still hear you, buddy!

Ok, so this is turning out to be a list of pet peeves. But I honestly would consider avoiding creating a friendship or relationship with someone who did any of these things. Actually, usually people who blog about things they hate make me want to avoid them too. Maybe I'm just tired. Isn't this supposed to be about sex?