After doing a lot of introspection on myself, I've found out something really nice. Rejection is actually pretty good. Now I know a lot of people who fear being rejected and being embarrassed but think of it this way. Rejection is the best thing for you! Here are some of the reasons why.

1) Being rejected doesn't mean you're bad, negative or lacking in any way. What it means is that, for whatever reason, you were WRONG for them... and what that means is that THEY WERE WRONG for you. By rejecting you, they have done you a favour by not sucking you into a relationship where the both of you aren’t happy.

Go and look at all your “hot” friends who have been in multiple relationships. They may get all the attention but that doesn’t mean it’s good attention. Think about the stereotype where the hot girl can get anyone she wants but complains all the time about all the shitty guys. In the long run, you’re both single but she’s more miserable. You get rejected and you move on. She gets accepted, emotionally invests herself, drama happens, and she gets her heart stepped on. She ends up single but worse for wear.


2) Being rejected improves your chances! Relationships are all about QUALITY, not QUANTITY. What is better? A relationship that lasts 2 years or 5 consecutive relationships in that same 2 year span?

You may get rejected a lot but the moment someone accepts you, this stands out. Because YOU stand out to them. They looked past your appearance and judged you as a person (not just as a piece of meat for their own sexual needs) and found you worthwhile.

Meanwhile, his buddy has just said yes to the hot girl because DAYUM THOSE TITS AMIRITE? /brofist
So who is more likely to have a good relationship?

3) Finally, being rejected saves you time. The sooner you make a move and get rejected, the sooner you can stop chasing the wrong person and start looking for the right one. If you get a massive crush on some guy but nothing happens, you’re taking yourself out of circulation and avoiding Mr. Right by pinning all of your hopes on Mr. Cute and then waiting for god knows when. Make a pass at cutie and if he shoots you down, remind yourself that he was actually wrong for you and you can now look for someone better.

Also, the less time you spend crushing and investing your emotions in the mystery man, the less rejection is going to hurt. If you get turned down after fantasizing about this guy for a year, it’s gonna hurt and you’ll be an emotional wreck for weeks. If you get turned down after only a week, you’re gonna be bummed for a day and then you move on.

Rejection is great. You say you want a sure thing and being rejected a lot is the BEST way to actually find a sure thing, instead of wasting your time and emotions on wrong things.

Not gonna lie, it still stings and it’ll be hard to make the change but I’m much more improved after taking on this frame of mind.

I believe sometimes it all simply comes down to timing as well. I know if a guy (even if he's amazing) were to ask me out right now, I'd probably say no. Not that he isn't a nice guy or that he's unattractive, I just don't feel like dealing with a relationship. However, if time were to pass and I felt ready, it could definitely be a possibility.

As Mark Twain once said, “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”