A Reminder On Why We (Should) Kegel

>We all know that our pelvic muscles play a vital role in female health, but truth be told that my motivation to exercise them waxes and wanes quite regularly.


In speaking with female customers of a certain age is a great reminder on why it's so important to work these muscles on a regular basis. Apparently, weakened muscles leads to involuntary urine leakage and is a sadly normal but avoidable reality of ageing. That doesn't mean there's nothing we can do to avoid the inevitable decline toward inconteinence - au contraire. Work those kegels.

(And on the point of incontinence, be sure to check out the Your Pelvic Floor: More Than Just A Kegel seminar run by Marcy Dayan - registered physiotherapist.)

Another really great reason to strengthen your kegel muscles is better orgasms. The stronger your muscles, the better your orgasms will be. This is a pretty solid reason to work on them.

And if you're one of those ladies who wants to ejaculate, there is a correlation between muscle strength and ability to squirt. In her book Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, Deborah Sundahl covers the topic in Chapter 2. So get reading and squeezing.

If you want a little help to work on your kegels, we sell a variety of kegel aids like the Jade egg (mined in BC!) as well as Lelo Luna Beads to give you a point of focus so to speak.

Happy kegeling!