Reviewing My Favourite Toys - Pt. 1

Working at a sex shop, you have the excuse to splurge on vibrators than people who don't. They wouldn't have an excuse to; they don't sell them! I think I struggle with when I'm about to buy a new toy - whether it be a butt plug, dildo, vibrator, nipple clamps (eek!), gags, floggers, etc. - I'm always worried I won't like it. Which is why I am making this post!

1) Lelo Mona Wave

This guy is my personal favourite. It's amazing on the clit, g-spot, but do not use it anally. I haven't tried, and there's a reason! DON'T use toys that DON'T have a flare on the end! They can actually get sucked up into your ass, EVEN if someone is holding onto the other end of it!

It's originally a g-spot vibe, and is the 3rd version of the original Mona created by a swedish brand, Lelo. Lelo has all around amazing toys; Ora 2, Ina Wave, Gigi 2, etc. The slimness of the base slowly curving into a sleek shape is made to stimulate the amazing g-spot! I have never heard ANYONE say that this didn't do the trick. Despite being quite pricey, it's totally worth it.

It actually stimulates externally quite well. The rounded tip is the perfect shape for making all of your worries disappear and falling down into an abyss of pleaure. You can use it when your man (or one night stand, if he's not a littleboy) is doing you from behind/doggy style if you want to go OVER the edge of your basic orgasm. Trust me, it works.

Lelo also has a year long warranty. Keep your receipts and register it online!

2) Pleasure Plug 1

This little guy is a great starter butt plug. It's made out of 100% silicone and is pretty flexible! The brand Happy Valley makes very basic plugs and dildos, great for people who just want something simple that works!

I don't have much positive stuff to say, other than being rather cheap when it comes to silicone and being the perfect size for a starter plug! I would always recommend something more curved and a bit larger once you have been streched out enough with the smaller, basic ones. We have two that I would recommend: Buddy (comes in two colours, Purple and Black Sparkles) and Boosty. Buddy and Boosty are great. Both made out of 100% silicone and are shaped better for the rectum.

Be very careful when pulling them out/putting them in. It's better to put more than enough lube than not enough!

3) Fun Factory Ocean


Fun Factory is a fantastic brand! With a two year warranty, you are going to love their toys. Lelo and FF have the strongest motars in their vibrators, making them a personal favourite. This guy is a shorter vibe with a small clitoral stimulator. I personally wish I went with a bigger size, just because I'm picky about where I position things externally and internally. I find it better if I use my Mona interally, while I use this or the Nea for external. It's also great for women who are exploring their bodies! It's not intimidating whatsoever.

Overall, it's wonderful for a starter rechargable vibe. It's a great price, approx 100 dollars before taxes! It's as strong as all of Lelo's toys, with a quiet rumble that definitely works. It comes in an adorable pink, or a royal blue. It's silky smooth and completely waterproof. With the charging option, I often get questions about where to charge it. It's not the typical "plug in." On the FF logo, you have to attach the magnetic "click n charge" charger onto it and you're all good to go! Just a little tip, so you can get to fapping sooner.

4) Lelo Nea

Love, LOVE, LOOVEEEE!! This is my 2nd favourite vibrator in my huge jumble of sex toys, right next to my Lelo Mona 2. It's super small and fits in a woman's hand perfectly, even if you're having sex with someone else. It literally cups your clitoris! It's small enough to hide quite easily, espeically if you want to keep it hidden from someone who can be a bit snoopy.

It's extremely quiet as well, with a very strong motar inside of it. It's 100% waterproof, but isn't made out of silicone, which is okay! The material is still 100% body safe and you don't have to be picky with what kind of lube you use - silicone, oil or water-based - it doesn't matter! It's also rechargeable, as all of Lelo's toys are.

We currently only have two colours in stock - Black and Deep Rose.