As someone who has never been in boy scouts nor a sail boat captain I have little experience tying fancy knots. So when my partner starts a conversation about rope play I have a mild panic about either making knots much to loose or making them so tight the poor human will never escape!

                Rope play is often combined with role play or some sort of dynamic play in regards to BDSM. So if you’re the one tying the people up you want to have some confidence in your rope tying ability. There are several ways to gain this kinky skill. You could come by the art of loving and pick up a book on the art of rope bondage as we carry a large range of books as well as sex toys or you could come by the Robe Bondage Basics class live demo also held here at the shop and learn some new tricks.

                Whenever you try something new there is going to be mistakes so the best thing you can do is sit down with your partner or partners in rope play and talk about your expectations and safe words. At our live rope play demo the instructors teach you ways of doing this in a witty and engaging ways. As for rope we carry a range of hemp and nylon here at our sex shop in Vancouver. Hopefully your next exploration into rope play is filled with fun and ropes that you tie like a master.