Rule 34

I am obsessed with an illustration in one of our art books (Best Erotic Comics 2009). It’s called “The Devil’s Playground” and depicts two women with little blue demon creatures crawling all over them. There’s semen everywhere. The tail of one of the creatures looks like it’s creeping its way into one woman’s butt. That in itself is pretty awesome, but the reason I love it is the fact that I recognized the artist immediately.

The piece is by Gary Baseman, also the illustrator for the Cranium board games and the pure genius behind the cartoon Teacher’s Pet. His commercial work is so family friendly that there’s something both hilarious and awesome about seeing the filthy side of his work. I’m not much for the whole rule-34-corruption-of-innocence-Kim-Possible-giving-Charlie-Brown-a-blow-job thing, but something about Gary Baseman’s style translates so perfectly from Saturday morning cartoons to erotic illustration.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I want that book.