#safetytipsforladies Roundup

Twitter, twitter, twitter. The never-ending archives of what people are eating for lunch or watching on TV or thinking about politics (summed up in 140 opinionated characters). But sometimes, just sometimes, something awesome comes out of it. Like the hashtag #safetytipsforladies, created to satirize the don’t-wear-this-don’t-say-that-and-for-the-love-of-god-DON’T-GO-ANYWHERE rhetoric meant to help women “avoid” rape.

Here’s a roundup of some of my favs:

@DrRuthie: Short skirts = vulnerability. Quickly put a stretchy micro-mini on potential rapists to neutralize danger. #safetytipsforladies

@jen_kalea: Skin tantalizes rapists, whether visible or coquettishly covered. Leave your skin at home. #safetytipsforladies”

@gimmepanda: The majority of rapists are known to the victim. Consider not knowing any men. #safetytipsforladies

@Drew_Bowie: If a man attacks you, say you consider him a good friend. He'll stop immediately to complain about being "friendzoned" #SafetyTipsForLadies

@GarlandGrey: Never leave the house without a drawbridge, archers, parapets, cauldrons of hot oil, backup moats #safetytipsforladies

@tealandpurple: Most rapes occur on Earth, consider travelling and living in outer space #safetytipsforladies

@harlotoverdrive: Rapists live by a code & won't rape a rapist. Trick them into thinking you're a rapist too, learn the secret handshake. #safetytipsforladies

@kazarnowicz: Become a male athlete. You are protected from rape and CNN will pity you if when you brag about raping someone #safetytipsforladies