Screw Vanilla - I want some Rocky Road

I don’t do vanilla.
At least not during sex, I mean for ice cream it is okay, but with my sex I need a little more flavour. This is not to say that I can’t make love without leather, but I actually have to be in love and in a usually spontaneous moment of intensely and emotionally passionate connection with that person.

When I fuck, I want it kinky.

It really is a deal breaker for me. This makes dating difficult. It is an extremely curious thought to be sizing up an attractive person at a bar, party or even on the bus and think, “well sure they are cute…but will the beat me till I cry?”. Just try using that as an opener outside of a fetish club, trust me, it doesn’t work, unless your objective is to make them run in fear.

Fetish oriented clubs and parties should help this problem, yes? There I should be able to mingle with like minded and find someone that will bend to my tastes, or more aptly bend me to theirs.

Except, the growing popularity of fetish related clothing and iconography means that the majority of these nights cater to a very Stand and Model version of S/M and you can never really tell if that gorgeous Domina looking women in the corner would actually get off on you licking her boots while you writhed in pain, or if she just really liked the look of the boots.

Online doesn’t help either. Sure there are several kink oriented dating sites out there, but most require you to pony up (no pun intended) exorbitant fees to even look at profiles or are way too heavily populated with overly eager vanilla boys who think trolling fetish sites, with profiles full of nothing but pictures of their cock, will get them laid quicker.

Or both.

Mainstream dating sites are even worse. Most already have pretty notorious reputations for being meat markets, throw in a kinky & sex positive orientation, or just mention that you like sex at all in anyway on your profile and watch your inbox get flooded quicker then a downtown eastside basement.

After all if you're kinky you must be slutty. Okay, I am, but really that’s not the point.

Actually I am not sure what the point is, maybe I am just frustrated. Just being bratty and acting out. Maybe I just need a spanking.