Secret Santa

Happy December readers! Hopefully you are all ready for the Christmas season to start.

Sadly, we do not have any Christmas themed products in stock, YET! We should have some in pretty soon though, since they can be hilarious and sexy at the exact same time.

Something that a lot of shoppers have been doing is shopping for those wonderful Secret Santa events! We have a ton of items in stock that are both cheap and reasonable. Vibrating bullets, dark penis chocolates, lube samples, board games, sexy stockings, etc.

One of the vibrating bullets that I would recommend for more of a fun, but pratical, gift would be Rain. One reason being that it takes an AAA battery, so people won't wonder why the heck you need so many watch batteries! It also has a wonderful light texture on the exterior of the toy, as well as three speeds. Rain is also completely waterproof!

Happy shopping!