Sex and voting: are they related?

Yes they are!

Voting and fucking are connected, in both our psyche and our society, and that is why I am running in the BC general election May 12. 

With two other brave souls, Scarlett Lake and Dietrich Pajonk, we are candidates for The Sex Party, the world's first registered, sex-positive political party.  (There now is another one, in Australia!)

Our Party's slogan is: Sex is Good, Let's Make it Better.

A key determinant of good sex is a positive attitude toward it. 

But I've discovered through years of research that if you probe inside the depths of anyone's erotic psyche you will find all sorts of anxieties and inhibitions about sex. 

Sure you'll find lots of positive sexual attitudes.  But you'll also find lots of negativity there.

What causes us to feel bad about something that feels so good?

When you track how your sexual attitudes are  formed you follow a path that starts in your family of origin and leads all the way to the sexual policies of governments, churches, and the media. And those policies express enormous amounts of negativity toward sex.

Its a complex and fascinating process, the sex/politics connection. In fact I wrote a book about it: The Politics of Lust.

The good news is that once you become aware of these sexual downers you can get free of them. And when you do, your sex gets better, richer, more gratifying.

And one other really interesting thing tends to happen when people liberate their erotic natures.  They become more open, more tolerant, more interested in social equality than social status. Yup, good sex breeds good democracy.

Want to get involved in the process of making sex more fun?  Email the Party: info  (at) thesexparty (dot) ca

(photo: John and Maura campaigning in Vancouver)