Sex Research

I read a short article on the CBC website about how Canadians have less sex than the rest of the world and how we are known for making up excuses for not having sex. The research was done by a pharmaceutical company that makes drugs for erectile dysfunction so the article itself was, in my eyes, not meant to be taken seriously. What I thought was great were the pages and pages of comments following the article. It was full of amazing, Canadian excuses for why our collective sex drive seems to be below the international average. Here are some of my favourites:

It`s the CBC`s fault for bombarding us with bad news all the time. It kills the sex drive.

The obvious reason that Canadians have less sex is that Canadian men (most of them) are married to Canadian women.

Many ways to look at this, and yes, the work week & stress interferes tremendously.

I was going to be spontaneous with my wife, when we both stopped to read this article.

I will wait for the Federal guidelines.