Sex Tips

Happy Saturday! Well, for those who are able to sleep in and relax. I've been writing rather long articles, so I'll just keep it short and brief this weekend.

Sex Tip #1: Dirty Talk

I understand how people may feel "eeeeugh" about this, because well, it can be a bit awkward to say at first, but don't you love it when your partner talks dirty to you? I personally do, unless I'm not in the mood for it, so just test the waters before you go too deep too fast.

Say simple things like, "I love your cock being inside me," "I love being inside you," just some simple standard stuff that we obviously all actually feel. Eventually, move onto saying hotter, ditier things. I personally don't go very far, mainly because I just don't feel comfortable enough with it, but I'm also trying to work on it! It all depends on the mood.

Sex Tip #2: Bring Toys Into The Picture

I know a TON of people who are extremely uncomfortable around sex toys, and honestly, it doesn't make any sense. Toys are designed to make your sex life more exciting, or have something other than an aching hand after jacking off for awhile. Toys make your orgasms more intenese and can basically make you lose your mind in a good way. Some woman have an extremely hard time orgasming during sex because they aren't getting enough clitoral stimulation from having a penis inside of her vaginal canal. That's why a handy, strong vibrator such as the We Vibe Tango is a HUGE help.

Sex Tip #3: FOREPLAY

A lot of people tend to skip this vital tip (but I'm a victim of it too). Some people just a) don't have the patience to wait for the actual intercourse or b) have no idea that it exists. This is when sex toys also come into the picture. If you aren't patient enough, just go on for a few minutes with a blowie, vibrator and fingers. It can honestly make the difference. Kissing is also important, and not just on the lips. I personally find the sweeter my boyfriend is during foreplay, the more I actually enjoy sex.

PS. If you are not in the mood for sex like you used to be when you first started dating, THAT IS TOTALLY OKAY! I am the exact same way. I enjoy it once in awhile, but I mentally don't have a craving for it like I used to.