Sexless Movies

The other night my newly fianced beau and I decided to watch Logan’s Run. Me for the first time and he for the 3rd or 4th. It made me think of the lack of raunchy, crude sex scenes and characters in more recent films. It’s all very vanilla. A lot of sex scenes (of course there are exceptions) are of heterosexual couples having consensual intercourse, or even just a no-nude make out session. However, in Logan’s Run, a sci-fi thriller from the 70s (in which Farrah Fawcett has a cameo as “Holly”, the sexy yet unbelievably dim-witted plastic surgeon’s assistant) you see the two main characters running away from the bad guys through a door labeled “Love Shop”. This love shop is essential a big giant room full of naked people ready to pounce the second you walk in. On top of the orgy room, they find any excuse to get naked: They walk into a frozen cave and take off their clothes to change into random bits of fur lying on the ground, they pass a river and jump in (naked of course), and so on. Why don’t we make movies like that anymore?

I was recommended a movie by John, one of the owners of The Art of Loving, called A Dirty Shame. It’s new enough (2004) and it a comedy about a quiet neighbourhood who’s citizens are becoming sex addicts after hitting their heads on something. It’s loaded with kink, sex, boobs, and cocks. Most importantly, it’s loaded with ridiculousness. It’s a fantastic movie if you’re in the mood for a comedy and aren’t sitting in front of the television with your mom. We now carry this movie in our Rental section!

If anyone out there has any recommendations for any regular non-porn movies with fun sex scenes, I’d love to hear them!