Sexy Birthdays

I’ve taken lately to gifting various sex toys and books to friends for birthdays. A while back a gay male acquaintance was the lucky recipient of the treatise “How to Live with a Huge Penis”, along with a pin that said “I ♥ Being a Slut”. A few friends have received various condom/lube grab bags. I had to restrain myself from buying sex toys for my family at Christmas (the discount! So convenient!).

Most recently, a young friend of mine became the owner of a Fun Factory mini-vibe, along with some lube and suggestive literature. I was particularly excited for this exchange, as I felt like my friend was the ideal recipient of some naughty goodies. I predicted she’d be outwardly embarrassed and giggly, and inwardly completely thrilled– and that is exactly what happened. She squealed and screamed and said “YOU GUYYYYSSS!” and had to be coaxed into opening the box, but later in the night she sidled up to me all shifty-eyed and said “so… how do I use it?”

That’s my favourite kind of gift-giving: to get something for someone that they would never in a million years buy for themselves, but that they – albeit perhaps grudgingly – will totally love. And what better gift than the gift of orgasm? My birthday’s coming up… trying to decide who would be the least awkward person to ask for a We-Vibe… Mom?