This Sexy Place

I’m sitting in on the first of what I’m sure will be many “Turn on/Turn off” seminars here at the store, watching a load of awesome, tuned in people openly discuss what gets them going. From confidence to toes to spanking to humiliation, people are just blurting out what bastes their turkey without fear or shame and it’s got me thinking:

This place is awesome.

Yeah, maybe I’m biased since I’m… y’know, paid to be here but I’m not even sure what I mean by “this place”. Yes, The Art of Loving is awesome. Yes, Vancouver is awesome. But I think that when I say “this place” I mean this space that pops up by surprise like the tardis during a really great seminar, where everyone’s participating a no one is judging. Where a group of strangers connects over something most people out of “this place” think they aren’t allowed to talk about.

“This place” is where a lot of progressive, healing discussion happens. So yeah, this place is awesome.