Sexy Songs

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. We all have different taste in everything: Food, colour, lifestyle, movies, and music to name a few. I was curious as to what had to say about the top 50 sexiest songs. The first thing that caught my attention was that Madonna’s Like a Virgin was #8. Obviously the song has to do with sex, but is that helium-squealed voice and poppy beat really that sexy?

The next crazy top of the charts thing I noticed was the #1 song… The one meant to get you on your knees and juice up your *ahem*. Are you ready for this? Olivia Newton John’s Physical. Really? Really.

There weren’t many songs from the 90’s and up on there that were not R&B. One in particular that I remember dancing to as a 10 year old self was Too Close by Next. Remember that one? I believe the lyrics went: Step back you’re dancing kinda close, I feel a little poke coming through, on you.

All this to say… Songs about sex aren’t really that sexy. At the rate the Billboard is going, I’m shocked that Salt’n’Pepa’s Let’s Talk About Sex isn’t on there.

Here’s one that isn’t on the list that I think should be. Have you ever watched the HBO show called True Blood? It’s about vampires and other creatures living amongst humans. It’s a very sexy show. Anyway, the theme song to it (Best opening segment I’ve ever seen) is called Bad Things by Jace Everett. If you’re getting ready to get yourself in the mood and want a little background music, I highly suggest listening to it. It’ll make you want to fuck cowboys in a swamp.