Sexy Text Messages? Nah...

I recently discovered a website (you probably all already know about it, I'm a little slow on the "hey-have you seen this new hilarious site?" beat.

The site is

It is exactly as it seems. A list of random text messages sent and received about the previous night. They usually refer to things that happened, drunken things. Of course, such drunken things usually about some sex act or another. Most of these also refer to college and university students. As a dedication to all new students this school year, I wanted to share some of my favourites with you guys! Enjoy!

"Her divorce is going to cut into the amount of time we spend fucking."

"He used my blackberry to make a voice recording of me orgasming, then set it as my ringtone while I was sleeping. I discovered this during a staff meeting this morning."

"I think I ruined Robin and Mikes anniversary. I walked in on them fucking, accidentally broke the necklace he gave her, and I stole the keg from their party. Not in that order"

"It was either a cute kinda butch tomgirl or a really fem guy. Either way, I made out with it. Bisexuality, my best friend."

"i'm glad we've gotten to the point in our relationship where I can eat peach rings off your penis."

"oh and if she happens to say anything about a cantalope and tissues... just go with it"

...and on that note, I leave you all to enjoy the website!