A shockingly good night

I went to a private play party on Saturday.

I was hanging out with a recently exed lover. We'd just hit a killer concert downtown and were stopping in late to a party in honor of a visiting photographer and Shibari artist friend. Considering this was the first time I had seen my date since we ended the sexual side of our relationship, going to such a sexually charged party could have been a very good recipe for awkward.

But it wasn't

And after some light socializing, we settled in cuddling on the couch and watched the scene that had been slowly unfolding in front of us since we entered the room.

The man of the hour, Oni, had just finished tying a beautiful young creature with short bobbed hair, to a chair. Rope was everywhere in intricate diamond patterns across her breasts and arms and even very thoughtfully placed ropes on either side of her labia. Each individual toe on her left foot was roped and pulled so that her knee came to her chest. Her other foot secured to the chair made her helplessly bound.

He even had rope blindfolding her eyes.

Another party goer took this opportunity to use some of the tooth picks from hors d'oeuvres being served to poke and tease the bound beauty into a delicious frenzy before our eyes. Each time she squirmed, her ropes pulled, rubbing more against her pussy, cause her to squirm even more.

Just when I thought the poor girl may hit the brink, when the sensation just got so intense, Oni took back control.

He brought the girl down with gentle touch till her breathing slowed.

But just a little.

Only just long enough for him to bring out his violet wand.

A violet wand is a low current, high voltage high frequency electrical device. By holding onto the device, Oni is able to turn his body into a conductor, he then only has to get his finger tips close enough to his victim's skin that the current arcs, creating a spark and a sharp shock. The girl starts to squirm and leap in her chair again. His finger tips now delived sparks with more bite than mere little tooth picks.

She is on fire.

Before she burns out he lets her come down a little again.

But only just a little.

As soon as he had her standing he started to dance with her. Using the ropes on either side of her labia for support. It was a slow dance as he would pull and tug the rope. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her breath quickened wanting desperatly to surrender.

But Oni kept dancing with her, letting the waves ebb and flow, ebb and flow.

Eventually letting her crash.

Eventually letting us all crash.

The entire room was breathing a little deeper.

Oni finishes untying his beauty, wraps her tenderly in a blanket and lets her recover in the arms of friends on the couch.

He goes back back to his space, plugs the wand back in and begins to charge it. Then turns his a wicked evil grin to me.

"Your Turn" he says.

But that is a story for next week.