Silent Island

This past weekend me and my guy took a little vacation for his birthday. Since we have a couple of friends who recently bought a waterfront home over on one of the Gulf Islands, we thought that would be the place to go and relax.

Getting there was hellish, it was incredibly windy. So windy, in fact, that for the first time in the history of me riding ferries, I was seasick (I’m from up the coast, so, to get ANYWHERE requires use of at least one ferry).

Once we got there, it was lovely. I also realized upon our arrival that I was the only female amongst 3 Scorpio males. Interesting.

The second night was nice, no more nausea and we made a rather large and fabulous feast. My guy and I ended the evening in the huge soaker tub, which of course led us up into the loft bedroom for some lovin’s. Now, because we have 2 kids, we are used to having mostly quiet sex, but this was different. We were in a small place, in the forest, every sound was heard. So having a face melting orgasm, silently, was quite a challenge. A challenge we managed to live up to. Now, part of me asks “Why should it matter if anyone hears us?” and the other part tells me that maybe our gracious host would be offended that we desecrated his guest room. I’m not sure. Either way, it was fabulous- AND quiet.