Single and Sad? Don't Be!

Right now, I'm consoling a friend who's having a ton of boy problems. Despite being in a relationship, I totally understand. I didn't just decide, "oh, time to get a boyfriend!" and all of a sudden the "one" showed up at my doorstep.

It's hard, so, so hard to be single and not want to be, but it's honestly awesome being single. Sometimes I miss it. I've been in a relationship for 10 months now and I love it, but you don't have to put up with someones shit when you're single (unless it's your siblings or parents).

Sometimes I wish I still was single - I was more independant then, I could sleep alone without being scared monsters were gonna get me because I finally got used to sleeping alone - now I can't go a night without Quin - I had a lot more me time, I invested more money into my apperance and so many more little things that don't seem like a lot. Honestly, I was more confident when I was single because I had boys liking all of my photos and sending me cute messages over okcupid on the daily. Now, I just have my one man and I'm totally in love with him, but I still need my alone time. I was also more confident because it's cheaper being single, and I had extra money to buy new clothes, shoes, makeup and get my hair done all the time.

I can't blame single people who long to be loved by one person so much that their heart will explode, because I felt the exact same thing.

When I was younger I got so attached to this one boy, asked him out over text (with my awesome Krzr) and he rejected me. I cried, cried, and cried. Then, I totally gave up on boys until I moved out to Vancouver. That was about 6 years before I got into my first relationship.

Waiting is what's best for anyone. It's better to learn who you are as a person, before you go out and give your heart out to someone.