Size Isn't Everything

This is for all of the people out there who think small dicks don't do much - or tiny vibes - because "bigger is better."

Not neccesarily.

I, myself, have never had sex with a gigantic penis. I have had sex with a 9.25" inch vibrator though (only 7" of it was insertable) and it was such a waste of money. It was the LELO Elise 2 (which we don't carry in the store). I only used it ONCE! That's it. It didn't feel comfortable and I felt way too full. I was about 18 at the time and sadly didn't know about lube. That's something a lot of people forget about.

If you are planning on having sex with either a) a man with a huge penis, b) a huge insterable vibrator, or c) anal ANYTHING, please PLEASE use lube. Even if you're on the jucier side of natural wetness, lube is a lifesaver.

Back to size: A lot of men with bigger penises might not perform that well, mainly because it's not about how long or thick it is, it's about how they use it. My boyfriend is on the average size of the spectrum, but holy hell, he knows how to work it.

A guy could just constantly thrust into you, and well, you could just be like, "god, can this be over with already?"

Men with microdicks - for example - make up for it with their oral sex and fingering. I once read an article where woman talked about their experiences with a 2 inch penis. An erect 2 inch penis! Some girls were snobby, and just walked right out the door. Others, were in long-term relationships with them. Reading that article made me appreciate the size of my man's penis, but also opened my eyes to the fact that sex just isn't about dick and vaginal intercourse.

Another example - a lot of woman prefer clitoral play over vaginal play. Not even 50% of women are able to orgasm from vaginal intercourse. That's a LOT of women. Some men don't even realize this though. Talking to my girl friends about their sex experiences, I feel horrible for them. Some have never had an orgasm in their life - even if their boyfriend was on the bigger size.

It's all about playing around and experimenting. Bring in a small clitoral vibrator into the bedroom, kiss and bite your partners lips and neck, feel her body with your hands and watch her melt next to you. Maybe she likes the feeling of a glass dildo, a steel butt plug with some weight to it, or an edible massage candle so you can pour it on her skin and give her back a sensual massage with your mouth.

There are ENDLESS options to have great sex.