So where was I?

Oh yes, It was my turn.

So, I take my place on my knees in front of Oni and he just looked at me and rolled his eyes.

“What’s with the clothes?”

For some reason, perhaps the presence of a ex lover or the number of strangers in the room, I was feeling uncharacteristically shy and modest. Of course sometimes a gentle, prodding (pun totally intended), is all a girl needs and I quickly strip down to just a pair of fishnets and my black lace boy shorts.

Oni charges the Violet Wand and slowly starts to tickle his finger tips over my right breast. Small little electric shocks run over my skin sending shivers down my spine and goose bumps just about everywhere.

I giggle.

I can’t help it. The wand always does that to me. It is such an intense feeling. Deep and sharp and tingly all at the same time.

My giggling however just signals to the sadist in Oni that he doesn’t have the wand turned high enough. So he adjusts

He approaches my nipple with one finger. The spark jumps and so do I. I am not giggling anymore but I am still smiling. The sounds that come from me now are closer to a whimper then a laugh.

He continues his assault on my right breast, avoiding the metal in my left, with numerous quick little touches. Each one making me squirm and writhe on the floor. He touches each of my inner thighs causing me knees to reflexively part, spreading me open.

I have ceased to pay attention to the small audience gathered on the couch in front of me. My eyes are closed and head is listing as my back arches. My toes start to curl and the whimpers become more like moans.

Oni stops and orders me to stand up. The electric rush ebbs slightly and I start giggling again. The brat in me comes out and when Oni puts a full hand on me completing the circuit I stick my finger out and shock him back. Then he shocks me again, Then I shock him. There is no power exchange in this moment. Just two friends playing like children. Now everyone is giggling.

But it doesn’t take long before Oni takes back control.

He takes out some very thin red rope he says he wants to try out. The rope itself is conductive. He ties a loop around my hardened nipple and then circles my right bicep a few times till the loops around my nipple is tight and the rope is pulled taught. If I move my arm in the slightest it yanks painfully on my nipple.

Then he turns off the lights.

All it takes is a single touch on any part of the bright red cord to light it up in a firey electric blue. I try not to move much but nerves and muscles betray me and my shoulder jerks on the cord attached to my sore and tortured nipple.

Oni used left over cord to make a mini red flogger which he dangled up and down my legs creating beautiful azure waves up and down my fishnet covered thighs.

The effect was magical. Both visually and physically.

When I start to become overwhelmed with pleasure, pain and just pure sensation, Oni stops. He knows when I have had enough, my body sweating, my breath quick.

The lights come back, I am untied and handed back my clothes. Endorphins shake my body as I try and get dressed.

I am giggling again.

I feel energized. Electrified.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around much longer then it took me to regain my composure. There is a half naked cuddle party that is beseeching my presence.

I hate to get electrocuted and run. But I have to go. At least until the next time Oni is in town, and there is a power source handy.