Sounding Rods 101

We have just ordered a highly requested product, Sounding Rods. Sounding is a kink activity that makes most people squirm slightly but its actually enjoyed by many people with penises across the globe. Urethral sounding is the insertion of a thin metal rod into the urethra of a penis. This can be used as a pleasure amplifier or as a mode to inflict pain in bdsm play.

               Something to keep in mind when sounding is safety and the quality of the sex toys you plan on using. Here at the Art of Loving we only carry medical grade steel sounding rods and we have both textured and smooth. Cleanliness is also very important so make sure your steel rods are boiled to sanitize them fully. These are of course the very basics and many of our customers are sure to know a lot about this topic but I’m glad we are able to cater to a slightly larger kink community. Check out our website for sounding rods or come in to the sexshop at 369 W Broadway in Vancouver.