The 'Stache

I have thought of writing about this for awhile, but feared my intent would be misread as judgemental. Well, there's no escaping that so here it is.

With honest intent to make the world a prettier place and to perhaps help the lonely connect, I speak of the mustache.

For single men, this could be the ONE feature keeping them celibate.

I've tossed the question, "'stache or no 'stache?" to women here for awhile. Until one minute ago when 2 answered, "stache", all have screwed their faces up and answered, "No, god no". The ladies who just supported the gastly thing were from Mexico. Mustachio is prevalent there, India and other populated areas FAR FAR away from here.

I was at a retreat on Gabriola whereby the women were asked not to wear make-up and the men to shave. A few of the men put up a fuss and refused, until the last day when they got their hairless Eurekas. "It's a bullshit mask we're wearing!"

No one's buying it, you're hiding and...psst! It grows back.

The mustache is formidable in its snubb of the fashionable here, so if you're delusionally arguing that it makes you established looking; the Monopoly banker guy has never received one clit nod and Tom Selleck has gone missing.