Still Figuring it Out

So I watched this short Tedx talk about teenagers figuring out who they are and how feminism plays a part. Lately I have been having the feminism talk with some of my closest girlfriends and I’m getting a similar response along the board. It goes something like “Of course I want equal rights etc. etc. but I’m not really a feminist”. I also remembered a story I heard a few years ago with someone who was doing an interview to work in a feminist organization and she was asked by her interviewer if she considered herself a feminist. Her response was “…*silence*… Yes, of course I am. But even in a place like this I was reluctant to say so”. She got the job.
I think this talk is important. I think giving anyone and everyone the opportunity to be okay with feminism is important. I think reaching out to people at an early age is important. I think this woman is doing it right.