Stuffing Stockers

Many customers have been coming in and wondering, what are some good, sexy, kinky stocking stuffers?

Well, first off, we have LOTS! Both reasonable (like everything in this store) or super pricey. You can pick up some vibrating (or non-vibrating) cock rings, funky wrist cuffs with matching ankle cuffs, $20.00 bullets or possibly a $65 bullet that comes from a wonderful brand based in Germany with TWO year warranties *cough* Fun Factory *cough.*

Introducing, the Fun Factory Click n' Charge!

A lot of great stuffing stockers that we carry are sadly not sold online, such as a massive stock of cute undies, masks, stockings, garter belts, nipple clamps and pasties, floggers, ticklers, and so on.

Come by the store and check out some awesome products!