I was reading an article about successful women in relationships. Their primary example was Miranda from Sex and the City (barf, I know). She's a corporate lawyer who couldn't find love because her success scared men away until she found a waiter turned stay-at-home dad who didn't mind not being the one bringing in the bread. This article seemed to have been leaning on the idea that 21st century attraction still feeds on 20th-century stereotypes.

You hear about couples where the woman has a higher income than the man, yet the man is still the one pulling out the credit card and picking up tabs. You even hear of men asking their female partners to leave their jobs or not talk about their jobs in public because it makes them feel as if they are no longer able to seduce the woman.

Part of it might be that long term couples aren't necessarily meeting in high school or college/university anymore and are getting together while already working in their respected careers.

The number of women succeeding in their careers is steadily growing and so 10 years into the new century, I think it's time for all of us to get over romanticized gender-related stereotypes. I don't just mean men, but women too! We should all hold the door for each other, take turns paying, if someone has an income obviously superior to yours, let them pick up the tab! Nobody should be beeping on their blackberries in bed, not man nor woman. Seduce and let yourself be seduced, no matter who you are or how much money you make!