Supporting Canadian Made Products (In a Sexy Way!)

We have the good fortune to be located in one of the most ethically-aware, socially-conscious cities in North America. It's not uncommon for customers to ask where our products come from. We aim to support Canadian suppliers as much as possible.

Why support Canadian? Patriotism aside, we know that these products are made in conditions where employees are paid a fair wage. Additionally, environmental regulations in Canada are on the stricter end of the spectrum. Lastly, Canadian made means less travel miles, which means a smaller carbon footprint.

Did you know that we carry not just one but two lines of amazing leather products from Canadian suppliers?

Aslan Leather is a purveryor of amazing female-friendly harnesses from high-quality leather and rubber. Made in downtown Toronto by a dedicated staff, owner Carrie Gray started making bondage gear and dildo harnesses in 1991 and still hand-selects each piece of leather that becomes an Aslan leather product. 

We carry a number of Aslan Leather products including the Minx Harness pictured below.


Leatherbeaten is also based in Toronto (previously Peterborough). Run by Hyacinth Prendergast and "Stoker" Bob McGlade, they aim to increase the amount and quality of safe, sane and consensual pain and suffering in the world. We have a range of Leatherbeaten Bondage products including the Blind Jockey Blindfold and Dragon Silk Wrist Restraints pictured.

Happy Valley is a sex positive manufacturer of high quality silicone dildos, vibrators and butt plugs. Based in the "happiest valley" in rural Ontario, they take efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by using sustainable, renewable and carbon neutral forms of energy. Every toy is washed using only naturally pure, phosphate-free, biodegradable soap and water. Each year they plant a wide variety of native trees, fruits and berries for our environmental stewardship scheme. This reduces soil erosion and expands the wildlife habitat in the area of natural wetland we protect.

We are huge fans of their amazing amazing silicone toys including my favourite Little Hottie, a girth-geared dildo that really packs a punch.

Lastly, Hathor Aphrodesia is a producer of amazing lubricants. Made on Vancouver Island, this water-based lube is paraben-free, glyercin-free and 100% vegan. Co-owners/creators of Hathor Aprhodisia Mellta Swift and Nathanda Swift specialize in plant Aphrodisiacs. Before joining the erotic industry they manufactured spa treatment products including therapeutic oils, creams and lotions. We recommend workhorse Horny Goat Weed Lubricant available in 8 ounce and 4 ounce biodegradable bottles.

These products bring new meaning to the words O Canada!