Taste better? MAYBE

So I was browsing Reddit again (as per usual when I'm at home), when I stumbled upon a thread that piqued my interest.

Apparently there's a type of pill called the "Miracle Berry" that completely changes your taste palate. Not in horrible ways but in small little ways like making raw lemons taste like sugar. Now being a curious individual, I want to know, will this change how a person taste through oral? Would sperm taste better???

Now I know you can improve your diet (like eating/drinking pineapples to improve the taste and omitting smoking and coffee out) to taste better but would this magical pill do in fast circumstances?

I've ordered a box to try myself and I shall report back with my findings!

Also here's a nice little tip I found!

When she's on top, make the "live long and prosper" sign with your hands and put the two fingers on either side of your penis, allowing her to grind her clit against your knuckles.