To tell or not to tell?

As my first official blog post with The Art of Loving, I’d like to present this conundrum.

As a member of the Asian persuasion, trying to explain to my very traditional parents what I actually do is a bit nerve-wrecking. I have never had the birds-and-bees talk so all of my sex knowledge was self-learned or taught to me by Condomania (which is a great program by the way if you want to teach high school kids about safe sex.) Now my sister, who I’m super close with, is ecstatic about my job. She absolutely loves the idea that I could get her sex toys sent to her when she feels like it (which I’m quite fine with…as long as it’s in the reasonable price area.)

Unfortunately, the time where I have to tell her where I work at is coming up this month so please wish me luck that I won’t get disowned!