There is nothing "Taboo" about it.

The Taboo Sex Show opens in Vancouver this weekend and I think this will be the first year since it began that I actually don’t attend.

Over the years I have gone for mostly for professional reasons. Working booths for various adult stores I have worked for, helping friends promote their how to squirt and how to give a blow job video and most recently to promote my roller derby league, the Terminal City Roller Girls.

The latter leads me to part of the reasons that I am no longer enthusiastic about fighting through the crowds of thousands of horny suburban couples as they flock to The Vancouver Convention center. The Taboo show seems to every year be less about sex itself and more about all those other enterprises that have a found away to cash in on a loose affiliation with sex. 

There is the mineral make-up and body piercers right along with the newest stop snoring aid and muscle building protein powder. Booth after booth are virtually identical, wall to wall mass produced and mass marketed toys for the masses.  Maybe it is over 10 years of being surrounded by sex toys or that my slutty experimental heart looks at conventional sex…as well, just that, conventional and boring.

I feel jaded.

In the past years when I have gone to the Taboo (formally called Everything to do with Sex show) it has been with the hope of finding something exciting. Something I haven’t seen before, something I haven’t tried.  I think of it like the E3 Conference that every year geeks, that would other wise have trouble leaving the basement, fly with light speed to in anticipation of the launch of a new video game platform or some exciting new technology.

The sex geek in me wants out of the basement. The sex geek in me longs for something new.  So where is the innovation in sex these days? Where is the experimentation? What is left for a girl who has been there and done that?