three's company

"the threesome" is, according to some people, the ultimate sexual goal. most hetero guys dream of having two women please them at the same time BUT there are a few who think "oh man, would i be able to please them both at the same time? what if i'm not good enough?!" either perspective is a vaild one, but sometimes it doesn't occur to these guys that the ladies will have plenty of fun together without his help. so don't worry hetero guys, there is hope.
there are actually two different kinds of threesomes:
-"Y" threesome = two of the people touch the third person, but not each other
-"O" threesome = everyone touches each other
it's always a good idea to have a conversation about boundaries before you engage in any group sex. are the people involved totally straight? gay? bi? heteroflexible? is it cool if i put my finger up your butt? what's your favorite way to have your pussy licked? is there anything you absolutely hate?
if you sort out what everyone's comfortable with before you start then you don't slam into any awkward moments, inturrupting the flow of sexual energy.