Twenty Ten

'Another year over, and what have you done' as the song goes.
What HAVEN'T you people done.

The regular who loves to wear panties. And a big belly. Always sneaks a read of certain passages on pegging before coming up to finger the new lace thingies and buy his pump bottle of lube.

The idiot who phones and loves to hear me cluelessly wax on and on about male masturbation technique and recipes for tastier cum. Happy New Year, buddy. Now go fuck yourself with those mad skills!

All the gleeful men who buy matching vibrators for their wives and mistresses. You guys can single-handedly keep this business alive. The toys always in the same colour. I never understand that.

The A list Scottish actor who's presence made me pee myself ever so slightly. Kinky, intense and very sweet. Did I mention kinky?

The Olympian who only spoke Russian: I am sorry I didn't figure out a way to steer you away from that boxy Fleshlight. You are TINY! Digits don't lie, little guy. I failed you.

Happy New one billion and some odd Year everyone!