Two of my favourite things

In my usual perusing of the site, I came across a link to an article in the Globe and Mail called “Why wine drinking and monogamy go together”. Of course I was immediately intrigued as two of my favourite things in life are wine and my man.
The article outlines cultures in which drinking was associated with monogamy. For example, before the industrial revolution, women were known to share the assets of rich men and ignored the poorer men. Hence the popularity of polygyny in a huge amount of pre-industrial societies. The middle class growing impacted this in two ways: 1) More men were able to provide for their partner and 2) more people could afford to drink!
Religion also made an impact on booze related sex. The ones who allow drinking were often the ones endorsing monogamy, like Catholicism. The two most prominent religious groups we associate with polygyny today, Muslims and Mormons, happen to abstain from alcohol.
Does this mean that men in monogamous relationships take up the bottle just to deal with “the wife”? Is there anything that makes booze-hounds go monogamous? Apparently, no! They call this a historical accident, a spurious correlation.

So what did this blog teach us? Absolutely nothing! But what a cool twist of fate :’)