Every evening my beau and I talk about and compare our daily activities over the internet. This is a very important factor in long-distance relationships because it makes us (almost) forget that we weren't physically present during said daily activities. He'll usually start by talking about brains and electromagnetic waves and the like. I tell him I read a book. "What about?" he then asks. "Vaginas". "Of course".

Even after having been a presenter for sex-ed workshops for students and participating in Lord-knows how many toy parties, I still didn't know enough about vaginas to talk about them fully comfortably. I no longer stumbled over sentences like "Then you reach through, the, you know, the opening there?... Erm. Yeah, that part!" which was great! I knew all about my own: How to pleasure it, pamper it, take care of it, etc. But being fully educated meant being able to communicate not only with my partner, but with my customers. Every time a woman leaves the store more knowing then when she entered, I am motivated to learn more and more.

So this is a great big THANK YOU to every single vagina that has entered here trusting that we could somehow help!