Vegan Condoms!

We’ve got two different brands of vegan latex condoms in the store (Glyde and RFSU), which tends to confuse some customers. I get the “they’re not still made from sheep, are they?” question pretty often. After a lot of erms and uhs and let-me-google-thats, I found out what actually makes a condom vegan and thought I’d share!

Straight up, there’s animal products in pretty much everything. Your favorite wine is probably processed with the swim bladders of fish (yum!) and there’s probably dead bugs in your make-up (G to the L to the A-M-O-R-O-U-S). Fortunately non-vegan condoms aren’t that gross – it’s just that most manufacturers use a milk protein in the processing of latex. Companies like Glyde and RFSU use plant-based alternatives like cocoa powder or a thistle extract!

, ☆*. ・゚。★゛ The More You Know. ・゚。★゛, ☆*.