I am not a vegan but I have been vegetarian since birth so I am often around vegans or people with lactose or other allergies. You would think these things would not be an issue in the bedroom but ha guess again. There are many products that may turn out to be not so animal friendly in either their testing or production. Here is a small break down of the basics if this is something you or a partner is concerned about. I got some info from the weekly sex ed comic at OhJoySexToy so be sure to check that out as well for more info.

Condoms: Luckily latex is a plant-based material so its vegan but what you need to look out for is the use of casein that is a milk product. We carry Glyde a proud vegan condom brand that is very popular.

Lube: Glycerin can be plant based or not so sometimes it can make a lube not vegan. This can be easily checked by looking at the ingredients but as a rule its good to avoid glycerine all together as its not great for vaginal health and can easily cause yeast infections.

Toys:  Most high-quality toys of Steel, Silicone, plastic or glass are fair game for vegans. When you need to be careful is with jelly or rubber toys because these can contain gelatin (Like Jell-O but for dildos?) or casein both animal products. I’m not to upset to read this because though jelly toys are cheap and often very soft and squishy they are porous material and can’t be fully sanitized which is a big importance for sex toys of all types. We carry many toys that can accommodate a vegan person or someone wanting easier to clean toys.  

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