Vestigial l'il vest?

The year round wrap, always in season; the foreskin. I have recently been asking every private Good Head class I teach what the women think of it, is it necessary to remove, do they like it, have they even seen one.

Given what a seriously painful experience it is for a guy who's just appeared in the world, I like to get women thinking about it should the choice arise. If from North America, almost half think "Its a hygeine thing." From there I ask if they think its both worthless AND stinky.

Foreskin is crammed with sensitive nerve endings, unlike hair and nails. It protects the male head like the little red hoods do for clits, and less if any lube is needed for playtime: it has its own built-in sliding system of joy.

Cleanliness depends on how much pot he's just inhaled or how lazy he was allowed to be growing up. The cleanest men I've slept with have all had snufflers. As there is a higher risk of the smegma, they seem to pay rapt attention to the soap bar.

Hey, why don't we hack off our toes while we're at it so there's less smelly foot around? Toes are weird looking too and harbour gunk between them rather easily. Best get rid of them.

I'm looking forward to our Foreskin 101 class. Come check it out!