Since it's a rainy, gloomy, AND windy day out there, it's time for a new blog post!

Waterplay is something that seems rather steamy and sensual in movies, but let's be real, shower sex is almost impossible. Slipping down the shower wall, losing your footing and taking a tumble (ouch) and just getting at the right angle is hard enough. The only way it's possible without having an awkward moment is having your pelvic areas align perfectly, and how rare is that?

Here are some tips when it comes to waterplay, since most vibrators and toys these days are waterproof!

Use silicone lube if you're not using a silicone toy:

The difference between water-based and silicone lube is that water-based washes away in a second with water, but silicone stays. It's okay to use it with newer, updated silcione toys, but it's still not recommended as silicone reacts with silicone.

Use a shower suction handle to keep your balance and grip:

Yes, these exist! It's small, portable and rather strong when it comes to suction. You won't have to worry about your hands slipping down the soaking wet wall anymore.

Please note: They are not sold in pairs.

Get a luxury, waterproof vibrator:

I always recommend Lelo and Fun Factory for waterproof vibes. They are rechargable and extremely soft, with amazing designs. They come big and small, some are used for both the g-spot and clit, and some just for one. I would also suggest to invest in possibly two of them - one for the g-spot and one for the clit. Instead of getting a dual vibrator, I feel like using two at once feels so much better.

For men, a Fleshlight shower mount:

Men often come into the store and just buy this without buying the Fleshlight, despite us advising them. It's confusing! But, I am here now to tell you that it's only an attachment. Fleshlights range from 80 to 120 dollars in CAD. They're worth it though, as we sell tons weekly.

It's compatiable with all Fleshlights except for Ice (clear).

And with that, have some water fun!

Or, just have sex in the ocean.