The way into my pants is through Joss Whedon, basically.

I recently tweeted that “Here I come!” is the least sexy warning to give when receiving a blowjob. I’m sure there are plenty of suckers that would disagree with me, but I burst out laughing the first time I heard it in the bedroom. It was worse than the guy who used baby-talk while we were making out.

Considering the amount of people who have tried to use this line on me, I’m probably hurting some feelings just posting about it. So let’s even the score. The following is a list of awful lines that HAVE worked:

“Do you think this shirt would look good on me?”
“I think a lot of things would look good on you.”
(I am unfortunately serious.)

“I’ve heard vegetarians taste better.”

“I bought us shots.”

“I’m going to be Zoe from Firefly for Halloween.”

"I'm going to be Inara from Firefly for Halloween."

"I like Firefly."