Well hello there!

The weekend before last, my family moved from North Delta back into the Commercial Drive district. I must say, I feel so much more myself and at peace with my life. That peace seems to have fuelled a positive shift in my life as well, or perhaps the move back into the hood was the beginning of the shift… Who knows. Either way, it’s great!

While me and my guy were painting last week, I put a playlist on that I created for work. After grooving to the likes of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Tribe Called Quest and a host of others, my man asks “This is what you listen to at work?!?!” I replied yes and he said “No wonder you sell so many sex toys! This music would make anyone horny!”. I laughed… although I think it probably has some truth to it, feel sexy, be sexy, buy sexy.

It got me thinking though, the way I am able to talk about sexuality so freely and openly, anywhere. I really don’t think about it anymore, that I should lower my voice on the skytrain or at a party, etc. I love that people, friends, family come to me for advice on how to achieve orgasm (G-Spot and Clitoral) and a variety of other inquiries. I am so in love with that. I love that I (we) are genuinely enriching peoples lives and spreading important knowledge to people who need it. I love that I don’t feel that shame or sex negativity (Although, sometimes I still have a hard time explaining aspects of my job to my Dad).

For so long, I looked at a lot of my friends and thought “Wow, such and such is so talented. Everyone seems to have their niche…” I didn’t think I had a niche. Well of course I do. Because everyone does.
This solid awakening has also inspired me to move to the next step in my life path. Stay tuned, this is a real goodie!