Woman Meets World

     The man in this video got to experience what's an every day experience for alot of women. He said the stress of what he experienced is something he wouldn't wish on anyone and was amazed that women live like that. If you're a guy, it would be a great experience if you happen to be of a slight build to try this.

If I could pass as a man, I'd travel around Turkey again alone:

I had just turned 21 and woke up to the reality of sexism after leaving a large group to travel alone through beautiful Turkey. I bussed to a small village and checked in to the only hotel. I went to my bathroom and when I came out the owner of the hotel was sitting on my bed, unbuttoning his shirt and leering at me. His only english words to me were, 'Victoria Secret' which he kept repeating. There was only a group of men playing cards downstairs and...this. I used his 'misinterpretation' of me to my advantage by playing coy and managed to get out of there via the second floor window -after my backback. I hightailed it to the bus station where he showed up with tea and apology. I told him to f off.

The next hotel was a four star and I assumed naively that I could finally chill and enjoy myself. I had been accidently (?) put in a room that didn't have a proper lock and none of the hallway lights were on. I wondered if anyone else was on my floor. I happened to be next to the couch when someone's hand reached and yanked at the chain on the door, so I slid the couch hard into the door and climbed up to see who it was. It was the bell boy. I put the rest of the furniture on the couch except the bed, had a bath and went to sleep. Dinner was out of the question.

Late the next afternoon, I felt safe to leave and hightailed it to another bus station. I made it to Istanbul, booked into a hotel with friendly staff and thought a walk around the seawall would be nice, planning to be back in my room once it was dark. A cab driver did two drives around the seawall, yelling out his window for me to get in. I politely declined, then assertively declined, then ignored him. He drove off for the 2nd time and I thought he had given up. He returned about 15 minutes later and as I was now in an area where cars could park on the roadway - he parked, got out and ran after me.

I ran for about four blocks, clambered over several car hoods in moving traffic to lose this guy who kept coming! When we came to a busy market, I turned around and started charging towards him yelling every profanity I know. He backed off and scuttled away like the fattened cockroach he was. I went back to my little hotel room with a bag of mixed nuts I bought for dinner as I had had enough for the day.

All my things were gone from my room. The staff told me that a Saudi Arabian soccer team had moved onto my floor and for my safety (we were sharing a bathroom), had moved my things near the staff rooms. The next day, I hopped on a bus and a large, mentally challenged man sat on my lap and kept petting me from my face, over my breasts and down to my waist, saying "Bella. Bella..."

Eventually I found a large male travel buddy so the insanity would stop. It stopped for me but apparently he was staying up all nights when we were sleeping on trains as the other guy/s in the car were of the creep variety. But it stopped for me. Thanks, Mr. Michael wherever you are for being my much needed escort for a month, as unfeminist as that sounds!

Guy dresses as a woman and walks the streets of Cairo.