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Honeymoon Bondage Kit by Pipedream: Rekindle the flame and reignite the passion with this Honeymoon Bondage Set. Perfect for first-timers, everything you need for a night of fantasy and romance is included in the kit (4) nylon tethers with adjustable satin cuffs, a discreet 5” pleasure vibe, (2) candles, a feather tickler, and a silky satin blindfold. You’re in control to explore and unleash your deepest desires!



  • (4) nylon tethers with adjustable satin cuffs
  • a discreet 5” pleasure vibe
  • (2) candles
  • a feather tickler
  • a silky satin blindfold. 

Cleaning and Care: When needed use warm water and mild soap. Allow to air dry. Store in a cool dry place. Do not use silicone lube with this item.

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Round sequined nipple pasties with satin bow. Red only. Use carpet tape to re-use once the adhesive stops being sticky. 

Sweet and sexy Candy Nipple Tassels.


Spice up the bedroom with this delicious, naughty edible underwear. Why wear normal underwear, when you can wear underwear you eat?



Spice up the bedroom with this delicious, naughty edible underwear. Why wear normal underwear, when you can wear underwear you eat?


Satin and rigid eyelash lace panty with two small bows. Ivory colour only.

Take your bachelorette party fun to new heights with this unique bachelorette party veil. What bride is without her veil? This fun bachelorette accessory is decorated with small, shiny multi-coloured peckers all over to complete her outfit.


Tear one of the tantalizing suggestions out and gift your lover with a memorable time! Twenty six fun and sexy ideas to get your evening or afternoon in the right direction such as Coupon #15: An X-Rated video of your choice! or Coupon #25: One half hour of nipple play! Just the prescription for a happier sex life.


One die tells you what to do, and the other tells you which body part to do it to! Every roll leads to a different sensual or sexual move. Take turns playing with each other and see what develops! The dice even glow in the dark for sexy nighttime fun.

Number of Players: 2 or more

Includes: One pair of erotic dice

The passionate and playful couple's game! Be the first to move around the Entice game board to the climax finish space by answering questions about sex, romance and relationships.

• 55 purple "Male Entice" cards
• 55 green "Female Entice" cards
• 25 red "Get Hot" cards
• 1 game board
• 2 playing prawns 
• 1 six-sided die
• 1 rule sheet