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Dr. Laura Berman Toy Cleaner. Keep your toys squeaky clean with this specially formulated, antibacterial, toy cleaner by Dr. Laura Berman. Compatible with rubber, latex, silicone, and plastic, this toy cleaner makes clean up a breeze. 



  • Anti-bacterial
  • Compatible with all materials
  • Easy to use spray pump


How to Use: Berman Toy cleaner recommended for use before and after a play session. To Use, simply spray down your toy thoroughly, allow it to sit for a minute, then rinse well with luke warm water. Allow your toy to air dry. For non-waterproof vibrators don't forget to remove the batteries first.  


Size and Ingredients:

  • 6.28 Fl Oz (185.72 ml)
  • Ingredients: Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Benzalkonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol.


Crown condoms have been a favourite skin-on-skin choice for people who like the bareback feeling only a thin condom can offer. These pink tinted condoms are often used on porn sets for their high sensitivity and aesthetic appeal. The rubber odour often associated with condoms is absent with these condoms as are all condoms by Okomoto. Sold individually, give these a try the next time you need a reliable form of contraception and you too will be hooked! 

The bumps and ribs on this lubricated condom increase sensitivity for both him and her.

Length 185mm. Thickness 0.06 mm. Width 52mm.

Pack of 10

This silky, lubricated, micro-thin condom curves inward under the glands where you are most sensitive. Profil is vegan and made from natural rubber latex. One of Sweden’s most loved condoms.

Length 185mm. Thickness 0.06 mm. Width 52mm.

Pack of 10

Boasting a ribbed pouch for greater freedom at the frenulum, under the head of the penis. This condom has had rave revues, as it offers protection and pleasure in equal measure. The looser section of latex slides back and forth- women have reported enjoying this sensation as well.

Measurements: length: 190mm, width: 80mm at pouch / 53mm at shaft, thickness: 0.08mm

Material: Latex

ONE ZERO is a fusion of advanced product design and condom technology. ZERO condoms are 25% thinner than ONE's standard condoms, so you can feel closer to your partner than ever before.

ONE has also added some extra room at the base and tip for maximum comfort, and a secure fit in the middle so you can push your sexual limits with confidence. This condom is so advanced, you'll barely know its there! Priced individually.

Dimensions: 180mm X 52mm

ONE The Legend is wider and longer than a standard condom, allowing endowed men to reach their peak performance in ultimate safety and comfort. A unique, easy-roll shape features a little extra breathing room at the base and tip to enhance comfort. ONE has ensured a secure fit in the middle, so you can push your sexual limits with confidence. Priced individually.

Dimensions: 180mm x 56mm

ONE Glowing Pleasure an exceptionally sheer condom offering the same strength yet greater sensitivity than standard condoms. ONE Condom - a new generation of condom for smarter, safer and more sensual sex.

ONE Glowing Pleasure formulation allowing to experiance even more fun between you and your partner. Just expose the condom to light for 30 seconds and than enjoy 30 minutes of glowing fun. Premium lubricant for gliding comfort. Every ONE Condom is individually tested for safety and reliability. Priced individually.

Dimensions: 180mm x 53mm

ONE Flavorwaves condoms feature the same quality and reliability of ONE condoms with amazing and unique flavors. ONE condoms provide a more pleasurable experience for both partners.

ONE Flavorwaves feature 6 flavours in fun, sweet-inspired wrappers. Priced individually.

Flavours Include:

Fresh Mint
Banana Split
Island Punch
Mint Chocolate
Chocolate Strawberry

SKYN condoms are revolutionary condoms made from a scientifically formulated material called Polyisoprene. Because Polyisoprene is not made with natural rubber latex, SKYN condoms have a softer, more natural feel.

SKYN condoms have been clinically proven to enhance sensation, making a SKYN condom the closest thing to wearing nothing.

Dimensions: 190mm x 53mm (.068 thick)

12 per package