edible sensuals

Comfortably Numb Throat Spray 

How to Use:Apply 2-3 sprays to the back of the throat before before oral sex then wait a min or two for the spray to work and enjoy 

  • Desensitizing spray reduces discomfort and gag reflex
  • Discreet bottle and E-Z Spray Nozzle
  • Doubles as a breath freshener - Spearmint flavoured

Ingredients: Ingredients: SD Alcohol 38-B, Glycerin (vegetable), Purified Water, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sodium Saccharin, Benzocaine, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Blue 1 and Yellow 5

 Dark Chocolate Body Paint 

The art of play and making love takes a new meaning with HighOnLove™ Chocolate Body Paint. Designed as an aphrodisiac in itself, this luscious and rich dark chocolate is made with premium grade hemp seed oil giving couples a satisfying taste for more. The effects of HighOnLove™ Chocolate Body Paint takes intimacy to a whole other level by releasing euphoric sensations and pure delight.

Comes in a lovely gift box with a 100 ml bottle and a paint brush 

How to Use: Apply on any part of your lovers body and get creative then lick it off and enjoy 

Sutil flavoured lubricant is luxuriously silky and light. Made of natural, organic ingredients Sutil is long-lasting and free of parabens, glycerin and propylene glycol. Choose from Cherry, Vanilla or Coconut. Rinses off with water and safe to use with condoms or toys. 

A sensually kissable, moisture-wicking body powder that leaves skin silky-soft and delicately scented. Includes a sexy feather applicator and talc free. Creamy vanilla flavor that imparts a delicate fragrance and taste reminiscent of fresh baked sugar cookies. Gluten and paraben free and may be used anywhere on the body.

Earthly Body Massage Oils are pure enough to eat, and these have the taste to prove it. All the benefits of bonafide skincare and professional slip, with a bit of flirtatious flavor. Their 100% natural blend of skin oils (including Hemp, Almond, Grapeseed, Apricot and Vitamin E) provides a slick, professional glide. Better yet, our Massage Oil absorbs to moisturize and condition your skin, without any greasy residue.

  • Emollient-rich oil blend works to lubricate skin and provide superior slip while leaving a non-greasy residue on skin after massage.
  • Almond oil softens skin and promotes strength 
  • 100% Vegan
  • Lickable
  • Paraben and alcohol free


How to Use: Apply in the palm of your hand, then gently rub both palms together to create warmth. Gently knead area to be massaged, and deepen strokes for desired result. For external use only, not latex compatible.



  • 2 Fl OZ (60 ml)


Cleaning: Earthly Body massage oil can be washed off with soap and water.

Sweet and sexy Candy Nipple Tassels.

HerbaMAX for Women helps alleviate the symptoms of low sexual desire, sexual arousal disorder, and/or orgasmic disorder by:

-Improving the desire to have sex
-Helping to become or maintain arousal during sexual activity
-Helping to experience an orgasm
-Helping to balance female hormonal activity
-Helping to reduce stress and anxiety

2 Pills, 100% Natural

A tasty treat for your nipples and your lover’s taste-buds. Apply this moisturizing balm to your lips or nipples and enjoy a wonderful tingling sensation. Nipple Nibblers come in three flavours: Luscious Watermelon, Wild Razzleberry, and Sun Ripened Strawberry. Add them to your love play, or even use them as a tasty moisturizing lip balm!

Small size only!

Don't let romance catch you unprepared. This take-along sampler includes travel-size portions of The Original Oil of Love, lubricating Love Liquid, passion-sustaining Pleasure Balm, silky Sweet Almond Massage Oil, and edible Honey Dust with a feather applicator. The Weekender Kit contents come neatly packed in a small decorative box.


This uniquely formulated edible emollient for men imparts a tingling, slightly numbing sensation that helps him prolong his pleasure well into the night. This lickable Kama Sutra product has a tasty minty flavour that curious kisses can’t resist!

Size: 12mL (0.4 fl OZ)