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Iconic Rabbit 2: Meet the rechargeable, all-silicone version of the world’s most notorious vibrator. Iconic Rabbit 2 offers the same simultaneous external and internal stimulation that made the Rabbit a top selling vibrator.


  •  Internal and External Use – Stimulate the clitoris, labia and/or G-spot•
  • Dual Motion – Individually controlled shaft and tickler
  • 7 Vibration Modes – 3 speeds, 3 pulsating patterns and 1 escalating mode
  • USB Rechargeable – USB cord included
  • One Year Limited Warranty – Our commitment to quality

How to Use: This toy is great if you like dual stimulatuon. Use the 2 motors and many vibe patterns to find your rythm and pleausre. 

Size and Material: 

  • Soft Touch – Thick, supple silicone
  • Dimensions – 8.25" x 1.5" at widest point

Cleaning and Care: wash with antibacterail soap and allow to fully dry 

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Jimmy Jane Form 3: This design features a slim, curved profile that flexes to meet your body. Press in the center, and the soft, silicone Touchpad extends, so that you can focus vibration exactly where it counts. It’s like your own finger, but better! Form 3 is made of 100% medical grade, phthalate-free silicone and stainless steel, and features 4 vibration modes and 5 power levels, is completely waterproof, and can last up 7 hours on a single charge!


  • Travel lock
  • When on its charging base, its' light will illuminate to indicate battery level:3 blinks – high charge 2 blinks – medium charge1 blink – low charge 4 slow flashes – zero charge
  • Water proof 

How to Use: Use the bendable silicone to press the vibrations wherever you need them. Compact enough for couples play but also amazing for solo 

Size and Material:

  • Dimensions: 4” x 1.9” at widest point
  • %100 silicone 

Cleaning and Care: Wash with anti bacterial soap and water and let dry completly 

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FORM 2 is the first launch of PLEASURE TO THE PEOPLE, a groundbreaking series of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators designed by friends and creative conspirators Yves Béhar and Ethan Imboden of Jimmyjane. It features two separate motors, one in each ear, for double the intensity and double the pleasure, as well as 4 vibration modes and 5 power levels. It is made of 100% phthalate-free platinum silicone and stainless steel, is completely waterproof. 


  • Travel Lock 
  • water proof 
  • 7 hours on a single charge!

How to Use: Fit the firm ears aroudn the clitoris and enjoy the power of the dual motors

Size and Material 

  • Dimensions: 3.25” x 2.0” at widest point
  • pink silicone 

Cleaning and Care: Wash with anti bacterial soap and allow to fully dry 

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