masturbation sleeves

Chiven Rechargeable Sleeve with Heating Function: What’s better than a vibrating sleeve polishing your knob? One that heats up!



  • Features: Auto - Warming.
  • 6 Modes x 3 Speeds Vibration
  • USB Charging
  • Ergonomic & discreet design.
  • Waterproof



Size & Material: 

  • Silicone materials


Cleaning and Care: When needed use warm water and mild soap. Allow to air dry. Store in a cool dry place. Do not use silicone lube with this item.

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Super Stretchy Silicone Sleeve: Treat your partner to a unique sensation by slipping on this sleeve made to stretch to most sizes. A variety of little bumps will delight your partner during intercourse. Not meant as a safe sex device, but works much the same way for pleasure. Flip it inside out & use it as a masturbation device too!


  • Reversable
  • Fits most sizes
  • 100% silicone

How to Use: fit erect shaft through flexible cage.

Size and Material: 

  • 100% silicone
  • 5 ½“ shaft sleeve

Cleaning and Care: When needed wash with soap and water. Allow to air dry. Store in a cool dry place.

Find even more products in store at the Art of Loving Sex shop in Vancouver, B.C 

The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup's hourglass shape provides a sublime tightness. Special valves create a virtual vacuum inside the CUP to deliver an amazing sucking sensation.

Several unique features combine to create a vivid stimulation, using advanced technology and unprecedented internal design for the epitome of sensations! Single use. Standard size only


  • Pre-lubricated
  • Air hole to control suction
  • Textured for complex stimulations

How to Use: The Tenga Cup comes pre-lubricated, so simply open and away you go!

Size and Materials: 

  • Soft thermoplastic elastomir
  • Standard size

Cleaning and Care: the Tenga Original Suction Cup is not suitable for multiple uses. Dispose after using

AUTOBLOW: Get the automated blow job you have always wated with the Autoblow 2 extra tight edition. After making a few improvements the Autoblow is back with its second editon for even more blow jobs. 


  • Replaceable sleeve
  • Multiple sizes
  • Plug in power
  • Hands free
  • 5 times the grip
  • A motor built to last

How to Use: The autoblow is designed to do all the work for you, so simply hold in place after adding lube and let the beads stimulate you.

Size and Material:

  • Size A 3’’-4’’ girth
  • Size B 4’’-5’’ girth
  • Size C 5.5’’- 6.5’’ girth

Cleaning and Care: Simply pull the sleeve out and rinse well then dry fully

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The Manta is a new type of toy that breaks into the male vibrator market. It can be use in a multitude of ways and is fairly inclusive to all genders, even if it is designed for penis owners. Theres are many ways to use it just like in the diagram below.













  • 6 speeds
  • 6 vibe patterns
  • Rechargeable
  • 2 hours of play
  • %100 waterproof  

How to Use: Use solo as a vibrating stroker or use is as a hand held couples vibe during intercourse

Size and Material:

  • 7 inches in length
  • %100 silicone
  • Flex for any diameter

Cleaning and Care: Simply wash with soap and water or specially formulated toy cleaner

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Do you love the realistic feeling that using a stroker gives you but absolutely hate the hassle and expense of buying new ones all the time? Simply because the material breaks down after a few weeks or months? The Lifetime Silicone Stroker by Mangasm is the first masturbator built to give you years – possibly even a lifetime – of trouble-free, intense pleasure. Some other masturbators are made from TPE which is a kind of rubber. Over time, material can start to smell bad because its porous. After only a few uses, it can also become sticky and potentially filled with dangerous bacteria.
The Lifetime Silicone Stroker is made from 100% non-porous, soft silicone that cannot be penetrated by bacteria and is completely odorless. The stand out feature of the Mangasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker isn't only its durable features, but that the vulva replicated was 3d scanned from the winner of the World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest (Conducted by Mangasm), so you can rest assured, you’re sticking your solider into the best looking hole in the universe.
The Lifetime Silicone Stroker is accurate to with .1 mm of its original vagina model, and contains a textured tunnel that is said to feel like the real deal.
It is a full 1.4 lbs of flesh-like silicone, and since it's soft, you can control the tightness using your hand.
The open ended design makes for easy cleanup and is approx. 7.5" long and 2.4" wide.

Cleaning and Care: 

Wipe down with and Bacterial soap and allow to fully dry. Keep in a cool dry place. 

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The Satisfyer for Men is not just any toy. It ensures the most intense stimulation with a surprise awaiting you within the super soft interior - a unique air cushion that quickly turns into a love cusion. The novel pump feature allows you to add or release air during use at the touch of a button. With full contol of the Satisfyer Men, you are the lord of its intensity and your desire.


  • A unique mix of vaginal and oral sex
  • Adapts to every penis size
  • Easy pressure control
  • Adjustable suction strenth
  • Pump feature to add or release air
  • Super soft Cyberskin sleeve

How to Use: The Satisfyer Men gives you total control over the internal pressure and level of stimulation of the toy - simply squeeze the exterior for extra pressure, adjust the suction by turning the upper cup, and add or release air at the touch of a button. Add a few drops of your favourite water based lubricant for an even greater experience!

Size and Materials:

  • High quality silicone exterior
  • Cyberskin sleeve
  • Length: 251mm
  • Width: 85mm

Cleaning and Care: remove the sleeve after use and wash thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap or specially formulated toy cleaner. Rinse and allow to air dry completely before putting the sleeve back into the outer case.

 Pocket Pulse. The Pocket Pulse uses two large vibration motors which in tandem deliver incredibly deep and powerful vibrations. This lightweight stroker, which is held against the penis with a flexible arm, will take your ‘stroking’ action to the next level. Used with lubricant, the Pocket PULSE turbo-charges the way you masturbate. The Pocket Pulse is completely water proof. Made of soft silicone and with an adjustable arm. 


-          100% Waterproof

-          7 adjustable speeds

-          Ergonomic design

-          USB rechargeable

-          1 Year Warranty 

How to Use:  We recommend using water based lubricants with this toy as silicone lubricants will degrade the toy. Water-based lubricants help reduce friction, making your play time fun and slippery! This toy works best with lubricant. It can be used on an erect or flaccid penis. Try the remote version to invlove a partner or use it yourself. 

Size and Materials: 

-          100% Silicone  

Cleaning and Care: 

Clean this vibrator using anti-bacterial soap or a specifically formulated toy cleanser. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. 




Hot Octopuss' Pocket Pulse Remote: the next-generation Guybrator™ that provides powerful pleasure for men. Lightweight and versatile, the Pocket Pulse Remote acts as a vibrating "stroker," which can be used either flaccid or erect. Once erect, this flexible toy can be enjoyed completely handsfree. Pocket Pulse Remote brings pleasure to slippery new heights when paired with water-based lube. This toy includes 2 large vibration motors which work in tandem to deliver deep and powerful vibrations. This Guybrator features 5 vibration speeds and is optimal for both solo and partner play. Make a splash with this 100% waterproof toy, which can be enjoyed in baths, showers, or even a hot tub.

The remote adds extra flexibility in solo play, as well as allowing partners to take control.


  • Handsfree
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Compact design
  • Seven distinct vibe funtions
  • Remote control for solo and couple play

How to use: the compact design of the Pocket Pulse remote means it fits comfortable into the palm, making it a perfect extention of your hand. Intensify each stroke, or simply lie back and enjoy the vibrations hands free. Hand the remote to your partner and allow them to tease and pleasure you!

Size and Materials:

  • One size fits all
  • Silicon interior
  • Protective plastic exterior

Cleaning and Care: The Pocket Pulse Remote is 100% waterproof, making for easy cleaning. Wash with an anti-bacterial soap or a specially formulated toy cleaner. Allow to completely air dry

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Viberite Hammerhead Wand Attachment. This attachment let's men enjoy direct stimulation from wand-style vibrators. This soft, stretchy attachment fits securely onto the head of a vibrating wand, delivering intensely pleasurable fluttering and sucking sensations.



  • Compatible with most wand massagers including the Hitachi and Le Wand
  • Phthalate-free material
  • safe for use with water and silicone based lubricants


How to Use: Pull the base of the Hammerhead over the vibrating head of your wand. Apply lubricant to the tip and shaft of your penis. Slide your penis into the sleeve on top before powering on the massager. Experiment with different wand settings to find out what feels best for you. 


Size and Materials:

  • Diameter: 2 inches
  • Height: 4 Inches
  • Material TPR


Cleaning and Care: Hand wash with mild soap and warm water after each use. Let air dry.