The essential guide for singles and couples who want to explore polyamory in ways that are ethically and emotionally sustainable.
For anyone who has ever dreamed of love, sex, and companionship beyond the limits of traditional monogamy, this groundbreaking guide navigates the infinite possibilities that open relationships can offer. Experienced ethical sluts Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy dispel myths and cover all the skills necessary to maintain a successful and responsible polyamorous lifestyle--from self-reflection and honest communication to practicing safe sex and raising a family. Individuals and their partners will learn how to discuss and honor boundaries, resolve conflicts, and to define relationships on their own terms.

A radical new view of sexuality. The book explores the nooks and crannies of the modern erotic mind and discovers that below our seeming enthusiasm for sex lurks a bundle of fears. This erotic malaise powerfully affects our lives. It stunts sexual passion, inhibits frank and honest talk about sex, and generates shame about sexual organs. It even influences our political orientation. This sex-negativity is the product of a fascinating but toxic social system that the book is the first to identify. Understanding this system can powerfully enhance your sex life.

How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships

The authors of this thoroughly entertaining and very thought-provoking book use evolutionary psychology to probe deeply into our sexual roots. They explain how 'seismic cultural shifts...rendered the true story of human sexuality so subversive and theatening that for centuries it has been silenced by religious authorities, pathologized by physicians, studiously ignored by scientists, and covered up by moralizing therapists.'

Soft cover only.

All the while with wit and levity. Hard to put down!

Enjoy powerful and satisfying relationships in all areas of your life. Most of us have been educated from birth to compete, judge, demand, diagnose – to think and communicate in terms of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ with people. At best, the habitual ways we think and speak hinder communication, and create misunderstanding and frustration inothers and in ourselves. And still worse, they cause anger and pain, and may lead to violence. Without wanting to, even people with the best of intentions generate needless conflict. In Nonviolent Communication: A language of Life, Marshall Rosenberg shows us how to reach beneath the surface and discover what is alive and vital within us, and how all of our actions are based on human needs that we are seeking to meet. When we understand and acknowledge our needs we create a shared basis for a more satisfying relationship- a deeper connection with others and ourselves. Join the thousands of people world wide who have improved their relationships-and their lives-with this simple, yet revolutionary process.

From Ancient Greece through the many dynasties of China to current practices of non-monogamy, people have openly engaged in multiple intimate relationships. Not until the late 20th century, however, was a word coined that encapsulated the practice, as well as its philosophies, edicts and ethics: polyamory (poly = many + amore = love).

For Franklin Veaux, who has been polyamorous for his entire adult life, the emerging framework and subsequent vocabulary for his lifestyle was a light in the dark. Candidly sharing his experiences and thoughts online catapulted his website, among the first dedicated to the poly lifestyle, to one of the top-ranking on the subject.

In recent years, as more people have discovered polyamory as a legitimate and desirable option for how they conduct their relationships, Franklin and one of his partners, Eve Rickert, saw that there was a growing need for a comprehensive guide to the lifestyle. More Than Two is that guide.

This wide-ranging resource explores the often-complex world of living polyamorously: the nuances (no, this isn t swinging), the relationship options (do you suit a V, an N, an open network?), the myths (don't count on wild orgies and endless sex but don't rule them out either!) and the expectations (communication, transparency and trust are paramount). More Than Two is entirely without judgment and peppered with a good dose of humor. In it the authors share not only their hard-won philosophies about polyamory, but also their hurts and embarrassments. Living poly is not always an easy road, and they hope that by reading this book, you'll avoid some of the mistakes they've made along the way.

Challenging the notion of what society considers a healthy and successful relationship, they offer up personal stories from their own lives as well as of those in the wider poly world, emphasizing that this lifestyle choice isn't for the noncommittal. Polyamory is all about the relationships and the individuals participating. Charting a Relationship Bill of Rights, the authors underscore the importance of engaging in ethical polyamory and guide readers through the thorny issues of jealousy and insecurity with the aim of encouraging readers to work consistently and conscientiously on both their relationships and themselves.

And no, they're not trying to convert you: they know that polyamory isn't for everyone. Veaux and Rickert simply provide those who might be embarking on this lifestyle or those who have always known they are poly with a set of tools and many questions to help them make informed decisions and set them on a path to enjoying multiple happy, strong, enriching relationships.

More Than Two is the book the polyamory community has been waiting for. And who knows? It may just be the book you didn't even know you were waiting for.

Premature ejaculation has many complex causes. Coping with Premature Ejaculation is the only book that addresses all types of PE with the latest research-based treatments and relapse prevention. Use it as a resource and a powerful tool for creating support and positive change in your relationship. Separate the facts about PE from the myths, gain a detailed and comprehensive understanding of PE, learn simple, effective techniques as an ‘intimate team’ to overcome PE, and lastly; enhance and improve your overall sexual relationship.

Great sex and greater intimacy – a complete program for couples. There seems to be no end to the “authoritative” explanations and “guaranteed” easy treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED). Since the so-called Viagra revolution, conventional wisdom holds that the problem can be fixed simply by taking a pill. The truth of the matter is, though, that ED is often a complex condition affected by physical, psychological, relationship issues – and it’s a problem shared by both a man and his partner. This book is the first ever to address this common problem using a comprehensive biological, psychological, and social approach. It offers a proven-effective program for regaining erectile function, building strong and intimate relationships, and having great sex.

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One of our most popular sexperts offers a fun, refreshingly modern, totally explicit guide to mastering a man’s body. No matter what age we are or how much experience we have, we all want to be great lovers. Most of the sex guides for women, however, have been prudish, esoteric, or incomplete. The ultimate sexual instruction book for women, How to be a Great Lover, gives you the down-and-dirty details that you really want to know on exactly what men like and why, and shares the proven erotic techniques that make for incredible sex you’ll both enjoy. Acclaimed sex expert Lou Paget draws on the real-life experience of the hundreds of men and women who have attended her workshops, and she presents their secrets and tricks in an elegant, no-nonsense style.